Saturday, April 9, 2016

Information for Science Fair Projects

Dates:  Glenshire Elementary Science Fair - April 2 

            Tahoe Lake Elementary Science Fair - June 7 in conjunction with TLE Open House at Rideout.

Glenshire 5th grade students are expected to complete a project.  Your topic needs to be turned in to your classroom teacher.  If you have lost your page for that, here is where you can print a new one.

Science Fair projects need to be brought to school before school and set up in the gym with your class at the beginning of the day.  Mrs. Scheibner will be in the gym at that time.

Students from all grade levels are invited to investigate their own questions using the scientific process in one of four formats.  Our science fair is for fun, learning, and discovery.  This is NOT a "judged" event.  Some classes may choose to do a whole-class project.  Any student may do an individual, parther, or small group project.  Other than class projects, these explorations will be done at home.

The very best projects come from something you, the STUDENT, want to find out more about.  NO STRESS!  Make it a fun project!  

Just remember - California Ed Code requires that no harm come to any animals or people that are part of your project - so any project involving animals, chemicals, mold, bacteria, etc. must be approved by Mrs. Scheibner, our Science Specialist teacher. Animal projects are discouraged because of possible abuse or harm to the animals.  Also - all projects using electricity must use batteries, as we can't have electrical cords running all over the gym. 

The tabs at the top of this blog will take you to information that will help you to set up your project.  This year, you have FOUR choices as to what kind of investigation you would like to present.  These are: 
  • a traditional Science Fair style experiment
  • a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning style experiment
  • an Engineering Style design project
  • a scientific poster describing your project or research
There is also a tab for project ideas, and another for website resources to help you set up your project.

Here are the short lists for each sort of project:

Traditional Style:
  • Title / Question
  • Hypothesis
  • Materials
  • Controls and Variables
  • Procedure
  • Results / data / charts / graphs / photos / sketches
  • Analysis and Conclusion
  • Help and Research
  • Lab Notebook

CER Style:
  • Title / Question
  • Background Research and what you already know
  • Claim
  • Evidence
  • Reasoning
  • Help and resource list
  • Lab notebook

Engineering Style
  • Title / Problem to Solve
  • Background Research
  • Design Requirements
  • Brainstorm and choose idea
  • Create design on paper
  • Build a prototype (or model)
  • Test your prototype (or examine your model)
  • Describe improvements, ideas for "next steps", or other thoughts on your testing process
  • Help and resource list
  • Lab notebook
Scientific Research Poster
  • Use one of the formats shown above.
  • Create a large poster instead of a display board.
  • DEFINITELY use this format if you are choosing the Snowflake Poster option.
  • Be sure to include photos of your project.