What should my display look like?

  • Your display should fit on a table top.  You may buy or make your display board.  It has to be self-standing.
  • Double-check your spelling.  You have worked hard on the science, so make sure everything looks professional in your display!
  • For your display, do NOT bring:
    • chemicals or hazardous materials
    • power tools, computers, or other expensive items
    • animals
    • devices requiring electrical plug-in
  • MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON ALL ITEMS IN YOUR DISPLAY.  (We want to make sure you get all your stuff back!)

Traditional Science Fair: This is one recommended display for our school. You will put any other displayed items and your lab notebook in front of the display.

You may also google "Science Fair Displays" to find other options.

Image result for science poster middle school    
Arrange your display in a logical order.  Be neat and orderly.

Image result for science poster middle school
Here is another sample of how to organize your display.


CER Style Science Fair display: This is the suggested format for a CER display.  You will put any other displayed items and your lab notebook in front of your display.

You may choose to do things a bit differently, but this is a general guide.

Here is another sample from the 2016 GES Science Fair.

Engineering Project:  Please set up something similar to one of the above styles.  There is no formal design suggestion here, as it will depend on what you have engineered and what size your prototype or model is that you are displaying.  In general terms, you would arrange your display in a logical order on your board.  Your problem to solve should be top center, your prep work should be on the left, your main design and testing should go in the center, and your re-design ideas should be on the right.

Here's an example from the GES 2016 Science Fair:

Here is one way to organize a Scientific Poster display: You could also use one of the formats from CER, Traditional, or Engineering.  

Image result for science fair poster ideas

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