Snowflake Poster

Scientific Poster: SNOWFLAKE STUDY

A Scientific Poster is another way to present your research.   This is the main way that scientists present their new learning at science conferences.  There will be wall space to hang your poster at Science Fair.

If you look in the DISPLAYS tab, you will find a Scientific Poster at the bottom.  You can use that guide, or you can set up your information like any of the other styles - only it is in poster form instead of on a display board.

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If you are choosing to do the STORIES IN THE SNOW Snowflake poster project, you need to have the following parts:

  • a title
  • a clear enlarged photo of your snowflake that YOU took using the Snow Crystal Capture Kit
  • a clear message that educates the public on how a snow crystal forms, either by text, by using artwork, or both
  • What YOU learned about YOUR snowflake - based on its shape and what you knew about the weather when you took the photo, how did your snowflake form?  What does its shape suggest to you about the temperature or cloud conditions?
  • It needs to be your own original work: your photo, your words, your explanation - not one you read. How do you think your snow crystal formed?  You may do research to help with your information, but the description on the poster must be your own thoughts.
NOTE: if you want to also submit your Snowflake poster to STORIES IN THE SNOW for their competition, your poster has to be digital. You can use any computer tools to create it - Google Draw, importing your photo, Google Slides or other media tools - but it has to be able to be emailed as a single poster to the competition when you are finished.  You do not have to enter the competition to present your poster at our school Science Fair!

Here is the Stories in the Snow Poster information:

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